SaveLayer (POST | GET)

Save layer - If there is layer id provided this means update, otherwise it's insert. User needs to be logged in and have admin rights.


Name Type Description Required?
layer_id String Systems internal id for the layer (unique and cannot include characters reserved for css-selectors) **true**
lcId String Layer class id **true**
nameFi String Layer name in Finnish **true**
nameSv String Layer name in Swedish **true**
nameEn String Layer name in English **true**
titleFi String Short description in Finnish **false**
titleSv String Short description in Swedish **false**
titleEn String Short description in English **false**
wmsName String Mapped to OpenLayers WMS "layers" and "layerId" parameters **true**
wmsUrl {String} base url for getting tile images for the layer **true**
opacity Number initial opacity for the layer (between 0 and 100) **false**
style Base64 Layer's SLD style in base64 format. **false**
minScale Double minimum scale where the layer should be shown. (i.e. 1/minScale) **true**
maxScale Double maximum scale where the layer should be shown. (i.e. 1/maxScale) **true**
descriptionLink String Description for this layer **true**
legendImage String URL pointing to a legend image for the layer (optional) **false**
inspireTheme Integer Sets Inspire theme **true**
dataUrl URL data **true**
metadataUrl URL Id for layers metadata **true**
orderNumber Number Order of layers inside organization **true**
layerType String For WMS layers' this is "wmslayer" **true**
tileMatrixSetId String //TODO **false**
tileMatrixSetData String //TODO **false**
wms_dcp_http String //TODO **false**
wms_parameter_layers String //TODO **false**
resource_url_scheme String //TODO **false**
resource_url_scheme_pattern String //TODO **false**
resource_url_client_pattern String //TODO **false**
resource_daily_max_per_ip Integer //TODO **false**
xslt Base64 //TODO **true**
gfiType String Get Feature Info type **true**
selection_style Base64 //TODO **true**
version String Interface version **true**
epsg Integer map **true**



  layer_id : "<layer_id>",
  orgName  : "<Finnish_organization_name>",
  updated  : "<update_time_in_millis>"
  // added data as JSON


http status code 500 with null

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