Reporting issues and documenting plans for the future

Reporting a roadmap/wishlist items and bugs is as simple as going to and reporting an issue in GitHub. Specify the item type in the description so the it can be labeled appropriately.

Roadmap issues

Tell the community you are developing a new feature for Oskari in a few words. Even heading might suffice if details are not clear. A roadmap issue requires a responsible party (funding/contributor known). The PSC will vote for inclusion based on the description, but since roadmap issues need to have the will and execution in place it's mostly a documentary approval.

Note that even though the small description is approved without too many questions the actual implementation of the feature might have issues that block it from making the Oskari repository. Usually if it's too application specific or would break the software in some way. For more information see the Contribution, Guidelines and Review pages.

Wishlist/enhancement issues

Similar to roadmap items, but you don't need to have a responsible party. Mostly just telling the community that Oskari would be better with this feature. Developers can opt to implement these features and create pull requests for the implementation.

Bug issues

Reported bugs found in the core Oskari-software (oskari and oskari-server repositories). You should include any helpful information like Oskari version, browser information and/or steps to reproduce etc.

Bugs for bundles in community-repository should be reported on the appropriate repository. Don't worry about this while reporting. We'll tell you if the issue is in the wrong repository.


Normally simple pull requests are enough to get the work done. However if you for example want to change how Oskari works at it's core you should create an Oskari improvement proposal. The issue should describe the proposed changes very clearly (even on code level), what impact it will have and what are the reasons for the change. The PSC will vote on any OIPs.

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