User management

The easiest way to add, edit or remove users and roles is using the admin functionality provided by the Oskari frontend bundle admin-users. For manually adding users the steps are:

1. Adding new users

Add a user to oskari_users table:

INSERT INTO oskari_users(user_name, first_name, last_name, uuid) VALUES('username', 'Oskari', 'Olematon', 'fdsa-fdsa-fdsa-fdsa-fdsa');

For a user to be able to login (using the default database login) the users credentials must be added to the oskari_jaas_users database table. Add a user to oskari_jaas_users table for authentication:

INSERT INTO oskari_jaas_users(login, password) VALUES('username', 'MD5:xyzxyzxyz...');

Note that username needs to match in these two tables. Passwords should be encrypted in the database table. For more information see Note! oskari_users can store users that don't have credentials in oskari_jaas_users for example when using the SAML-login users are stored without credentials. This way users will have an internal id/uuid that can be used to link user content.

oskari_jaas_users is used for database based authentication only.

2. Adding new roles

Add a role to oskari_roles table:

INSERT INTO oskari_roles(name) VALUES('MyRole');

3. Map users to roles

Add mapping to oskari_role_oskari_user table:

INSERT INTO oskari_role_oskari_user(user_name, role_id) VALUES('username', (SELECT id FROM oskari_roles WHERE name = 'MyRole'));

4. Map permissions to roles

Add permission to oskari_permission table:

INSERT INTO oskari_permission(oskari_resource_id, external_type, permission, external_id) values
(<resource-id>, 'ROLE', 'VIEW_LAYER', (SELECT id FROM oskari_roles WHERE name = 'MyRole'));

Note that <resource-id> needs to point to an existing resource in oskari-resource table.

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