Date: 30.7.2020

Biomass Atlas

With advanced selection tools you can calculate the biowaste materials, forest resources and amount of crops easily LUKE (Natural Resources Institute Finland) has produced a Biomass Atlas that gathers different biomass information together. Now you can find spatial data about landuse, forest resources, woodchips, crops, manure and bio-energy production flows from industry, forestry, aggriculture and communities from the same service.

The Biomass Atlas was planned to support investment decisions and sustainable use of natural resources and to help decision-makers to do sustainable energy politics.

At the moment Biomass Atlas is available in English, Swedish and Finnish. International version of Biomass Atlas was built in Baltic Forbio project, which started at autumn 2017 and exported the Biomass Atlas concept to Baltic sea countries.

The Biomass Atlas is based on Oskari with integration to LUKE’s biomass databases. With the Biomass selection tools you can calculate the amounts of different biomasses, e.g. how many acres of potato is grown in some areas. Choose first the wanted biomass dataset and then zoom to the area you want the biomasses to be calculated. Then select the chosen area either with drawing a selection area by radius, freehand or choose a single or several municipalities to base your selection on.

More information about the Biomass Atlas: Eeva Lehtonen, LUKE.