Requesting another bundle to do something

This example continues the mythird sample application by adding new functionality to it. Add another bundle to the startup sequence after the toolbar bundle:

    "bundlename" : "myfourthbundle",
    "metadata" : {
        "Import-Bundle" : {
            "myfourthbundle" : {
                "bundlePath" : "../../../packages/sample/bundle/"

This bundle sends out a request on startup for toolbar bundle asking it to show another button. What happens when you click the button is handled by myfourthbundle. You can see what you can do with the toolbar requests by looking at the toolbar bundles documentation.

The modified/ready bundle configuration is in file /applications/sample/mythird/my4th_appsetupconfig.json. You can replace the file appsetupconfig.json with it and see the end result:

Custom toolbar

Next steps

Create your own bundle

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