What is Oskari?

Oskari is an open source platform for browsing, sharing and analyzing of geographic information from distributed data sources.

With Oskari you can

  • connect to standard OGC data sources

  • create a fully functional embedded map in 10 minutes without programming

  • create thematic maps

  • add your own data or dataset

  • perform spatial analysis

  • publish thematic maps and analysis results as functional embedded maps

Unleash your data by using Oskari

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Ways to use Oskari:

Visualize statistical or geographical information by using existing Oskari installation

  • You can mix and match various geographical and statistical data sources
  • Import your own data or use standard OGC service interfaces as data source

Create a custom map on your web site

  • Use existing Oskari installation to create embedded map to your web site
  • Add the layers you want to show and choose the functionalities and size of the map. You can also import your own data to be shown on an embedded map.
  • No programming is needed.

Create your own customized web map service using Oskari

  • Download Oskari source code and start developing your own application
  • You can use both the Oskari UI and the Oskari service platform or only the UI, in which case you need your own service platform

Application areas of Oskari:

Information services

Oskari helps businesses and municipalities offer better online and mobile map services to their citizens and consumers.

E-government services

The Platform allows for interleaving and integration of many different sources of geographical and statistical data into online map visualizations that help power e-government services and decision making processes.

Situational awareness services

Oskari can display real-time data on a map, e.g. current traffic jams, construction areas or traffic cameras. This makes it really easy to inform citizens about changing circumstances or situations they might be interested in.

Tools of knowledge management

Visualizing statistical information on a map helps to empower citizens in decision making processes that affect them. Spatial phenomena can be analyzed and results of spatial analysis published as embedded maps using tools provided by Oskari.

Where is Oskari used?

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