The mission of Oskari is to offer easy-to-use browser-based tools to access and re-use information from various data sources, including the INSPIRE Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and the Finnish National SDI.

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Click the picture to try the Oskari demo application and get to know the features of Oskari.

Open Source

All the developed code is released under Open Source Licenses (MIT/EUPL). Oskari uses standard Open Source components such as OpenLayers, GeoTools, GeoServer, Jackson and jQuery.

What is Oskari?

Visualize and analyse spatial and statistical data, create embedded maps without programming, customize your own web map service etc. Check out the many possibilities of Oskari here.

Oskari Network

Oskari Network is the stakeholder community of Oskari software. The website is in Finnish.

Tästä pääset Oskari-verkoston suomenkieliselle sivustolle.

How is Oskari implemented?

  • Oskari user interface is implemented as a collection of reusable bundles. Bundles are used as uniform containers to ship and share new functionality to the application setups.

  • Additions to existing functionality are implemented as Plugins shipped within the bundles.

  • Server-side functionality of the platform is implemented as a Java servlet, which can also be extended to handle new functionality.

  • Oskari uses standard Open Source components such as OpenLayers, GeoTools, GeoServer, Jackson and jQuery. The developed Open Source code stitches these applications together and makes it possible to extend the functionality of the platform in a coordinated manner.

  • Oskari enables controlled extensibility. The service platform is kept flexible: functionality can be added both to the user interface and the server, and the application libraries can be changed.

Latest news:

Oskari team is taking part in FOSS4G in Bonn 24.-26.8.!


Oskari presentations (schedule TBA):

Oskari Network seminar 7th of April 2016

@Pasilan virastokeskus, Opastinsilta 12, Helsinki

Topics include:

Clock 9-12 Seminar

  • New features in Oskari
  • Demos featuring Oskari enabled apps
  • Steering committee representatives selection

Clock 13-15 Oskari architecture meeting

More info coming soon!