About this site

This is a support site for the Oskari software containing technical instructions for using, configuring and developing the software. The documentation on this site assumes the reader is somewhat familiar with the basic geographical protocols used extensively in GIS applications, such as WMS (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service). Also, experience in JavaScript and/or Java development is required to read and understand the frontend and the backend documentation, respectively.


GitHub is used for issue tracking, Oskari source code and most content for this site:

Reporting issues for any part of Oskari: https://github.com/oskariorg/oskari-docs/issues

Roadmap: https://github.com/oskariorg/oskari-docs/labels/roadmap

If you have any additions, suggestions or corrections to the content of the site or Oskari in general please make a pull request.

Your help is greatly appreciated!



Twitter @oskari.org

Information channel for new releases, bug and security fixes as well as events related to Oskari.

Slack (https://oskari.slack.com/)

Slack is a team communication platform. It features e.g.

  • instant messaging between groups and individuals
  • message archive and search functionality
  • message notifications to email
  • attachments in messages
  • integration with Twitter, GitHub, Jenkins and other services
  • multiple client implementations: browser, iOS, Android, ... https://oskari.slack.com instance is available for people developing Oskari Using Oskari Slack requires login. Please contact oskari@nls.fi for credentials.

Note that Oskari Slack is using the Lite plan, so the message archive is limited in size.

Slack is great place to ask questions and talk directly to the core developers. However, users are expected to do their research beforehand and ask educated questions.