Brief information about database tables

The SQL scripts that generate the PostgreSQL database are located in the directory <work-dir>/content-resources/src/main/resources/sql/PostgreSQL/. The database structure is documented in detail here.

1. Bundle tables

  • portti_bundle (definition of all available bundles)

2. View tables

  • portti_view (definition of all available views)
  • portti_view_bundle_seq (bundle <--> view relations, view specific plugin configs and states)

3. Authorization tables

  • oskari_jaas_users Used to authenticate user with JAAS and org.eclipse.jetty.jaas.spi.DataSourceLoginModule
  • oskari_users Used to store user information
  • oskari_roles Used to store roles
  • oskari_user_oskari_role Mapping between users and their roles
  • oskari_permission Permissions granted to roles

4. Map layer tables

  • oskari_maplayer (maplayer data: names, wms url, zoom min-max, opacity, layertype, etc )
  • oskari_maplayer_metadata (inspire metadata uuids for linking metadata to map layer)
  • portti_inspiretheme (inspire themes for grouping map layers)
  • portti_layerclass (map service owners for grouping map layers )
  • portti_capabilities_cache (prefetched wms capabilities requests )

5. WFS layer tables

  • oskari_maplayer (maplayer data: names, wfs url, zoom min-max, opacity, layertype, username, password, srsName, etc )
  • portti_wfs_layer (wfs-spesific items: namespace, featuretype name, gml version, etc)
  • portti_wfs_template_model (wfs-parser-spesific items: GetFeature template, java parser class name, xpaths to parse)
  • portti_wfs_layer_style (sld styles )
  • portti_wfs_layer_styles (style links to portti_wfs_layer layers)

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