Joint Development Forum

Oskari is being developed together. Especially the members of the Joint Development Forum are eager to find solutions and funding together.

Oskari Project owners and current Technical coordinator (National Land Survey of Finland, NLS-FI) have formed a Joint Development Forum (JDF) to develop Oskari together. The JDF invites all interested community members to participate in the forum activities.

1-2 organisational members are also selected to represent the whole Oskari Community during the Oskari Community Day (usually held in April-May in Finland). The selection is done by the Community.

Oskari Communication Coordinator acts as the secretary for the JDF and is guided by the JDF.

The JDF is formed by signing a contract (at the moment only available in Finnish) with NLS-FI. NLS-FI has promised to provide technical support and counselling for the JDF Project Owners. NLS-FI acts also as the legal entity handling financial issues for the JDF. The activities of the JDF and membership payments are decided by the members of the JDF annually.

In 2022 the membership fee was 5000€/Project owner.

If your organisation is willing to support JDF work, please contact Communication Coordinator (

JDF memos are available in Finnish.

Members of JDF in 2023

Head of Board Sami Mäkinen, National Land Survey of Finland

Communication Coordinator: Tuuli Wallenius, Sitowise Oy

Technical Coordinator: Sami Mäkinen, National Land Survey of Finland


Organisation Member Info
City of Tampere Jussi Tahvanainen
Digital and population data services agency Terhi Tuokkola
Finnish Heritage Agency Juho Karuaho
Helsinki Region Environmental services Henna-Kaisa Stjernberg
National Land Survey of Finland Sami Mäkinen, Johanna Siltala
Regional Council of Southwest Finland / Lounaistieto Natalia Räikkönen Community representative, Joint membership with City of Turku
Sitowise Ltd Hanna Visuri
Väylä Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency Markku Pitkänen, Jenni Silvennoinen

Former Community representatives: Thank you for your work and participation in Oskari Joint Development Forum work! It has been a huge asset to Oskari community!

  • Teijo Salminen
  • Tuuli Pihlajamaa
  • Outi Hermans
  • Timo Aarnio
  • Jaakko Viitala
  • Jari Suhonen
  • Jani Levonen
  • Minna Ryyppö
  • Anna Mustajoki
  • Rina Tammisto
  • Minna Huovinen, Sitowise Ltd (2019)
  • Eeva Lehtonen, Natural Resources Institute Finland (2019)
  • Marko Kauppi, Ubigu Ltd (2018)
  • Eki Karlsson, Suomen latu ry (2017)
  • Minna Lumiluoto, Cybercom Ltd (2016)
  • Jan Lindbom, Dimenteq Ltd/Sitowise Ltd (2016-2018)

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