Component architecture

Backend components in oskari-server

There are three different web applications for Oskari backend functionality at the moment:

  • webapp-map is the basis for Oskari backend functionality. It produces the map pages and handles AJAX requests.
  • transport handles most of the WFS operations.

The backend components are layered as services, controls, interfaces (though only webapp-map uses this extensively at the moment).

Component layers

Service layer

Service modules should be common libraries usable in any application. The actual business logic for Oskari operations should be in these modules.

  • service-base has some common helpers and domain classes which are used throughout Oskari backend.
  • service-permission is a generic authorization lib for deciding who gets to see/do what
  • service-search is a generic search lib that can be extended by adding and registering search channels
  • service-map has most (maybe a bit too much) of the business logic for servicing the Oskari functionalities
  • service-control defines the control/routing structures/interfaces for control-layer to build upon.
  • shared-test-resources has some common helpers/templates to help testing

Control layer

Control modules build on top of the service layer.

Service description

  • control-base is the basis for all control-modules and has most of the basic AJAX handlers needed by the Oskari frontend.
    • NOTE! control-base contains some very specific functionalities that should be separated into separate control-extensions (for example analysis and thematic maps support)
  • control-myplaces has AJAX funtionality related to myplaces functionality.
  • control-example has example implementations for AJAX functionalities required by Oskari but usually overridden by platform specific functionalities such as user and content management.
  • content-resources has tools, templates and scripts for populating and upgrading the database


  • Handles AJAX requests made by Oskari frontend
  • Parses request parameters for input values to be used on service invocations (ActionParameters is not )
  • calls one or more services to do business logic
  • format a response based on service response

Interface layer

The interface-modules build on top of the control-modules. Basically an HTTP interface with reference implementations for:

  • HTTP Servlet: oskari-server/servlet-map
  • Webapp: oskari-server/webapp-map

Responsible for:

  • Handling user sessions
  • Generating an ActionParameters object based on incoming request abstracting/normalizing the request for control layer
  • Forwarding the request to control layer


  • Browser

    • Oskari frontend
  • Application servers - Oskari-map

    • Nginx
    • Jetty/Oskari-server
    • Jetty/Geoserver
    • Jetty/Transport
  • Database server

    • Postgres/Database
    • Redis

Case ELF (front-servlet-postgresql)

All in one:

  • Proxy: Nginx
  • oskari-map: Jetty
  • postgres


All in one:

  • Proxy: Nginx
  • Oskari-map + Geoserver + Transport: Jetty

Case Liikennevirasto

  • Oskari frontend with custom modifications
  • Custom backend with Scala

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