Adding Bundles to default view based on role

Admin bundles require PostgreSQL to be used since some of the bundles use db specific sql.

  1. Dynamically added bundles are configured in oskari-server/servlet-map/src/main/resources/ As example bundles admin-layerselector and admin-layerrights are added for users with role Admin for the default view.

    actionhandler.GetAppSetup.dynamic.bundles = admin-layerselector, admin-layerrights actionhandler.GetAppSetup.dynamic.bundle.admin-layerrights.roles = Admin actionhandler.GetAppSetup.dynamic.bundle.admin-layerselector.roles = Admin

The property actionhandler.GetAppSetup.dynamic.bundles is a comma-separated list of bundle identifiers that we want to add when loading the default view. The listed bundles can then be added for users with roles referenced in properties with syntax actionhandler.GetAppSetup.dynamic.[BUNDLE ID].roles. These properties have values of comma-separated lists of role names.

  1. Restart the jetty instance

  2. Open a browser with http://localhost:2373/

  3. log in with the admin user

You should see the listed bundles added to the view.

Note! Dynamic bundles are only added for default view. If you want to use view 2 for default view you can add a property view.default=2 to servlet-map/src/main/resources/

Last modified: Fri Mar 15 2024 14:11:33 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)