Content editor

Tampere Oskari bundle content-editor

Extends Oskari functionality to support editing of wfs layer features and feature geometries.

Available in Oskari 1.36 or above.


These instructions are based on jetty-8.1.16-oskari package.


This bundle needs Oskari version 1.36 or above


This functionality needs Oskari version 1.36 or above (oskari-map.war)


Oskari database is needed without any special configuration


Create base folder i.e. Tampere

mkdir Tampere

Change directory to Tampere

cd Tampere

Download Oskari ( and extract archive to current (new created) directory

Goto jetty folder

cd jetty-8.1.16-oskari


Add new permission type to in [jetty-home]/resources folder

permission.types = EDIT_LAYER_CONTENT tasoa layer

Add bundle dynamically to correct roles in For example:

actionhandler.GetAppSetup.dynamic.bundles = admin-layerselector, admin-layerrights, admin-users, admin, content-editor
actionhandler.GetAppSetup.dynamic.bundle.content-editor.roles = Admin

Enter to jetty directory and run

java -jar start.jar

Use case in Oskari

Find out a wfs layer, which is enabled to wfs-t or import your own layer to Oskari Geoserver (e.g. with shp2pgsql-gui.exe)
Add 'Edit' right  to that layer in Oskari Layer Rights method.
Then select the wfst layer in Oskari and the 'feature editor' link is available in layer selection.


Editing is only available for geometry in EPSG:3067 CRS for time being.
Update SRID  to your wfst layer before editing, if it is 0 (default)

**( UPDATE [table] SET =ST_SetSRID([geometry field],3067) )**

WFS layer doesn't work e.g. for MapClick, if there is mixed SRID in the [table].
Mixed Srid could be checked with below sql:
**Select distinct(ST_SRID([geometry field])) as srid, count(*) from [table] group by srid;**

Known issues

Geometry type of geometry-column must be Geometry, MultiPoint, MultiLineString or MultiPolygon in Postgres wfs-t edit table (layer) for time being.

On the other words only MultiPoint, MultiLineString or MultiPolygon geometries are supported in Oskari feature edit (wfs-t).

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