Writing upgrade scripts


  • Don't modify an existing script once it's committed, flyway calculates checksum for scripts so any change in existing script will result in a migration error.
  • Don't link tables between migration modules. Modules are considered to be standalone and constraints between them are likely to cause problems.
  • Be very careful when doing updates to database content. Other than registering new bundles to portti_bundle almost any content-related updated should be done in an application module. F.ex. adding bundles to views etc are application specific updates.


  • Make sure the upgrade scripts have proper error handling. Database environments may vary as the content in the database. It's always better to check things instead of assuming.
  • Keep upgrade scripts small. The smaller they are the less can go wrong.

Script naming

File naming is important since migration scripts are located and versioned by naming conventions:

  • the names should start with capital V
  • followed by version number that is greater than any existing script version and based on the Oskari/module/application version
  • version and description is separated by double-underscore __
  • description
  • for SQL scripts the file extension is .sql and saved in a folder /flyway/[module]
  • for Java upgrades the package needs to be flyway.[module] where core Oskari upgrades are flyway.oskari

In a basic maven setup this will result in files like these:

  • oskari-server/content-resouces/src/main/resources/flyway/oskari/V1_31_0__add_mycolumn_for_mytable.sql
  • oskari-server/content-resouces/src/main/java/flyway/oskari/V1_31_1__populate_mycolumn_from_CSV.java

Existing scripts can be found in Github:

Application-specific upgrade example:

Note the script locations can be changed by configuration as described in the Upgrading document.

For more information:

  • Upgrading document
  • Flyway documentation: http://flywaydb.org/
  • The database migration is triggered in class fi.nls.oskari.map.servlet.OskariContextInitializer (under oskari-server/servlet-map).

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