Customizing service logo

The logo of the service is by default displayed on the:

  • LogoPlugin (lower left corner on the map by default)
  • On printouts when the print functionality is enabled
  • Browser tab/favicon

You can customize these on the server by adding binary images on the server classpath (or package them inside the war-file) and referencing them on the configuration file:

# These are the built-in logos for Oskari
# You can override them by changing the path to point to a png on the server classpath (for example resources under jetty)

# Or if they are under jetty/resources/images
#  logo.path.print=/images/logo_print.png
#  logo.path=/images/logo.png

Optionally you can also overwrite the image from LogoPlugin with CSS (for example on the overwritten.css file when having a my_logo.png on the same folder) with:

.logoplugin .logo {
    content: url('my_logo.png');

If the logo is not square you might need this selector for set the size of the container for it, but otherwise the server configuration is the preferred method.

Custom favicon

Easiest way to override the browser tab icon (favicon.ico) is to replace the file under webapp-map/src/main/resources/favicon.ico on your server repository. You can configure another location with, but the file name needs to match favicon.ico regardless:

# under jetty-resources (when working folder is jetty-server folder)
#   favicon.path=file:resources/img/favicon.ico
# with absolute path on the server
#   favicon.path=file:/opt/public/img/favicon.ico
# reference file inside oskari-map.war
#   favicon.path=classpath:images/favicon.ico

Last modified: Fri Mar 15 2024 14:11:33 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)