WFS layer data structure

General data

(selected from tables oskari_maplayer, oskari_layergroup, oskari_maplayer_metadata, oskari_maplayer_themes, oskari_permission, oskari-resource)


  • id {String}: Systems internal id for the layer (unique and cannot include characters reserved for css-selectors)
  • type {String}: "wfslayer" for WFS layer
  • wmsUrl {String}: base url for getting feature data
  • wmsName {String}: In this case feature type name of WFS service

User interface properties

  • name {String}: User interface name for the layer
  • subtitle {String}: additional description for the layer (optional, shown in layerselection2)
  • orgName {String}: Grouping name for the layer (optional, e.g. layerselector2 shows layers grouped by this on "By data providers" tab)
  • inspire {String}: Grouping name for the layer (optional, e.g. layerselector2 shows layers grouped by this on "By theme" tab)
  • legendImage {String}: URL pointing to a legend image for the layer (optional)

Layer properties

  • opacity {Number}: initial opacity for the layer (optional)
  • minScale {Number}: minimum scale where the layer should be shown (optional)
  • maxScale {Number}: maximum scale where the layer should be shown (optional)
  • isQueryable {Boolean}: not used for wfs layer
  • metaType {String}: free text that can be used to find groups of layers with MapLayerService.getAllLayersByMetaType (optional)
  • geom {String}: A WKT string - Bounding box where there should be actual content on the layer (optional)
  • permissions {Object}: Contains permissions for the layer in format permissionId : permissionValue (optional, only used for publish permissions for now)
  • dataUrl_uuid {String}: Id for layers metadata (optional, used for catalogue.ShowMetadataRequest)
  • style {String}: not used for wfs layer - look at wfs spesific data
  • styles {Object[]}: not used for wfs layer - look at wfs spesific data
  • params {Object}: not used for wfs layer - look at wfs spesific data
  • options {Object}: not used for wfs layer - look at wfs spesific data
  • attributes {Object}: Extra attributes for Oskari layer e.g. heatmap params (WMS) or manual-refresh-mode (WFS) (optional)
  • realtime {Boolean}: not used for wfs layer
  • refreshRate {Number}: not used for wfs layer
  • srs_name {String}: Coordinate reference system for WFS GetFeature request
  • version {String}: WFS service version 1.1.1 or 2.0
  • updated {Date}: Last update in layer definiton data in oskari_maplayer table

WFS spesific layer properties

(wfs spesific data is not seen by the user, dat is selected from tables portti_wfs_layer, portti_wfs_layer_style, portti_wfs_layer_styles)

WFS versions 1.1.0 and 2.0 are supported. WFS 2.0. version is not yet supported for analysis

  • selectedFeatureParams {Object}: wfs feature properties to be selected for GFI - default is all
  • jobType: default or empty for wfs 1.1.0 / oskari-feature-engine for wfs 2.0
  • getMapTiles {Boolean}: Transport wfs is managing feature type rendering (image tiles)on a map, if true (default true)
  • layerName: feature type name with namespace prefix
  • featureElement: feature type name without namespace prefix
  • getHighlightImage {Boolean}: Transport wfs is managing feature highlight image in GFI (default true)
  • GMLGeometryProperty: Geometry property name of feature type
  • tileBuffer {Object}: manages amount tiles to be buffered when drawing in transport. '{"default": 0.0, "oskari_custom": 1.0}' would take 1 additional tile as buffer
  • geometryNamespaceURI: namespace for geometry property, if not equal to featureNamespaceURI
  • featureType {Object}: reserved for custom parser
  • maxFeatures: Max number of features to be allowed to request in GetFeature request
  • isPublished {Boolean}: Is Wfs layer allowed to be published
  • featureParamsLocales {Object}: Locale names for selected feature properties
  • getFeatureInfo {Boolean}: Transport wfs is managing feature properties (the other properties than geometry), if true (default true)
  • tileRequest {Boolean}: Image is managed as one map tile (default false)
  • GML2Separator {Boolean}: Default is false. If true, then there is special request parsing for Esri WFS GetFeature
  • featureNamespace: Prefix of Feature namespace URI
  • GMLVersion: gml version of WFS (featurecollection) in GetFeature request (3.1.1 (default for WFS 1.1.0) and 3.2 for WFS 2.0)
  • featureNamespaceURI: Feature namespace URI
  • geometryType: Geometry dimension in GML geometry points are x,y (2d) or x,y,z (3d) (not in use ?)

Sample general data

    admin: {
        inspireId: 21,
        organizationId: 57,
        password: "",
        url: "",
        username: ""
    attributes: {
        manualRefresh: true
    baseLayerId: -1,
    created: "2015-07-07T14:02Z",
    id: 1336,
    inspire: "Väestöjakauma – demografia",
    isQueryable: true,
    layerName: "vaestoruutu:vaki2005_5km",
    legendImage: "",
    maxScale: 1,
    minScale: 15000000,
    name: {
        en: "Väestöruutuaineisto 5 km x 5 km 2005 (Default Path parser)",
        fi: "Väestöruutuaineisto5x5_2005 (WFS2.0 manual))",
        sv: "Väestöruutuaineisto 5 km x 5 km 2005 (Default Path parser)"
    opacity: 100,
    options: {},
    orgName: "Tilastokeskus",
    params: {},
    permissions: {
        download: "download_permission_ok",
        edit: true,
        publish: "publication_permission_ok"
    realtime: false,
    refreshRate: 0,
    srs_name: "EPSG:3067",
    style: "default",
    styles: [],
    subtitle: {
        en: "",
        fi: "",
        sv: ""
    type: "wfslayer",
    updated: "2015-07-07T14:02Z",
    url: "",
    version: "2.0.0",
    wmsName: "vaestoruutu:vaki2005_5km",
    wmsUrl: ""

Sample wfs spesific data

    "selectedFeatureParams": {},
    "jobType": "default",
    "getMapTiles": true,
    "layerName": "tieliikenne:tieliikenne_2011",
    "featureElement": "tieliikenne_2011",
    "password": "",
    "getHighlightImage": true,
    "username": "",
    "GMLGeometryProperty": "the_geom",
    "tileBuffer": {},
    "geometryNamespaceURI": "",
    "featureType": {},
    "maxFeatures": 2000,
    "maxScale": 1,
    "URL": "",
    "isPublished": false,
    "featureParamsLocales": {},
    "getFeatureInfo": true,
    "tileRequest": false,
    "styles": {},
    "layerId": "1337",
    "WFSVersion": "1.1.0",
    "GML2Separator": false,
    "minScale": 1.5E7,
    "SRSName": "EPSG:3067",
    "featureNamespace": "tieliikenne",
    "GMLVersion": "3.1.1",
    "attributes": "{\\"
    manualRefresh\\ ":true}",
    "featureNamespaceURI": "",
    "uiName": "Tieliikenneonnettomuudet 2011 manual",
    "geometryType": "2d"

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