WMS layer data structure


  • id {String}: Systems internal id for the layer (unique and cannot include characters reserved for css-selectors)
  • type {String}: "wmslayer" for WMS layer
  • wmsUrl {String}: base url for getting tile images for the layer
  • wmsName {String}: mapped to OpenLayers WMS layers and layerId parameters

User interface properties

  • name {String}: User interface name for the layer
  • subtitle {String}: additional description for the layer (optional, shown in layerselection2)
  • orgName {String}: Grouping name for the layer (optional, e.g. layerselector2 shows layers grouped by this on "By data providers" tab)
  • inspire {String}: Grouping name for the layer (optional, e.g. layerselector2 shows layers grouped by this on "By theme" tab)
  • legendImage {String}: URL pointing to a legend image for the layer (optional)

Layer properties

  • opacity {Number}: initial opacity for the layer (optional)
  • minScale {Number}: minimum scale where the layer should be shown (optional)
  • maxScale {Number}: maximum scale where the layer should be shown (optional)
  • isQueryable {Boolean}: true if the layer supports GetFeatureInfo functionality (optional)
  • metaType {String}: free text that can be used to find groups of layers with MapLayerService.getAllLayersByMetaType (optional)
  • geom {String}: A WKT string - Bounding box where there should be actual content on the layer (optional)
  • permissions {Object}: Contains permissions for the layer in format permissionId : permissionValue (optional, only used for publish permissions for now)
  • dataUrl_uuid {String}: Id for layers metadata (optional, used for catalogue.ShowMetadataRequest)
  • style {String}: Name of the default style (optional)
  • styles {Object[]}: Style options for the layer, title is shown in ui, name is used for layer operations, legend is style specific legendImage (optional)
  • params {Object}: OpenLayers.Layer.WMS params (optional)
  • options {Object}: OpenLayers.Layer.WMS options (optional)
  • attributes {Object}: Extra attributes for Oskari layer e.g. heatmap params (WMS) or manual-refresh-mode (WFS) (optional)
  • realtime {Boolean}: Is WMS layer managed as real time layer (optional, default false)
  • refreshRate {Number}: `Refresh rate for realtime WMS-layer (unit min) (optional, default 0)
  • srs_name {String}: Supported coordinate reference system for WMS layer
  • version {String}: WMS service version 1.3.0 or 1.1.1
  • updated {Date}: Last update in WMS layer definiton data in oskari_maplayer table

Sample data

  "name":"Elektroniset merikartat (ENC)",

  "geom":"POLYGON ((51857.07713547576 6617351.7548736315, 199877.68017894187 7795699.643159997, 674163.7062640898 7782724.689402027, 759905.4332841737 6599589.557011408, 51857.07713547576 6617351.7548736315))",
        "title":"Standard - Transparent Land",
        "title":"Full - Transparent Land",
attributes: {},
baseLayerId: -1,
created: "2015-04-15T15:04Z",
dataUrl_uuid: "3018dc34-cb48-4ce3-ad3e-24f83afcc03a",
formats: {
    value: "text/html",
    available: ["text/html", "text/plain", "application/vnd.ogc.gml"]
geom: "POLYGON ((-28465.09977713914 6561743.172749533, 676613.827779925 6529420.701555437, 610260.5731762389 7899947.404660257, 170485.38149829634 7922212.34012629, -28465.09977713914 6561743.172749533))"
gfiContent: "",
id: 1303,
inspire: "Korkeus",
isQueryable: true,
layerName: "syvyyskayra_v",
legendImage: "",
name: "Syvyyskäyrät",
opacity: 100,
options: {},
orgName: "Liikennevirasto",
params: {},
permissions: {
    publish: "no_publication_permission"
realtime: false,
refreshRate: 0,
style: "",
styles: [{
    title: "Syvyyskäyrä",
    continue: "..."
subtitle: "",
type: "wmslayer",
updated: "2015-04-15T15:04Z",
url: "/web/fi/kartta?p_p_id=Portti2Map_WAR_portti2mapportlet&p_p_lifecycle=2&id=1303&action_route=GetLayerTile",
version: "1.3.0",
wmsName: "syvyyskayra_v",
wmsUrl: "https://extranet.liikennevirasto.fi/inspirepalvelu/rajoitettu/wms"

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