Note! This is not used currently in Oskari and is probably outdated:

Mode in this context describes an alternate user interface layout and setup that is entered and exited. The default layout is resumed upon exit. Mode is implemented as an extension bundle.

Mode View and Mode Toolbar implementation requirements

  • From divmanazer bundle:

    • Oskari.userinterface.extension.DefaultView
    • Oskari.userinterface.extension.DefaultTile
    • Oskari.userinterface.extension.DefaultExtension
  • bundle definition bundle.js description file which declares any JavasSript files, locales to be included for the bundle

  • extension bundle instance inherited from Oskari.userinterface.extension.DefaultExtension

  • View inherited from Oskari.userinterface.extension.DefaultView

    • View transition implementations for show and hide which manipulate CSS and/or DOM structure to show or hide view content
    • View contents and functionality implemented with Oskari, jQuery or library of your choice

Changing View Mode

Configuration (config.json)

DefaultExtension requires these configurations to be present. If bundle does not add a flyout set flyoutClazz to null.


tileClazz assumes locale with key tile - it will NOT create tile without localizations (been there done that...). The same applies to viewClazz (view) and flyoutClazz (flyout) as well if declared.

"<bundle-identifier>": {
    "conf": {
        "name": "<bundle-name>",
        "sandbox": "sandbox",
        "tileClazz": "Oskari.userinterface.extension.DefaultTile",
        "flyoutClazz": null,
        "viewClazz": "Oskari.<mynamespace>.bundle.<bundle-identifier>.NewModeView"

Container structure

Along with custom view modes we have restructured initial HTML structure a bit. Now, there is a container for menu toolbar and oskariui is divided into three containers: oskariui-left, oskariui-center, and oskariui-right.

<div id="contentMap" class="oskariui container-fluid">
    <div id="menutoolbar" class="container-fluid"></div>
    <div class="row-fluid" style="height: 100%; background-color:white;">
        <div class="oskariui-left"></div>
        <div class="span12 oskariui-center" style="height: 100%; margin: 0;">
            <div id="mapdiv"><div class="mapplugins left"></div></div>
        <div class="oskari-closed oskariui-right">
            <div id="mapdivB"></div>

Changing the view mode

To change the view mode, one needs to

  • create a new view as a plugin
    • startPlugin function: add a request handler to listen to mode changes
    • stopPlugin function: remove the handler and additional objects
    • showMode function: change mode according to parameter (isShown) using CSS classes

The following example shows the basic structure of a new view mode. In addition, you will need to create requests and request handlers for changing your new view mode.

 * @static constructor function
function() {
}, {
     * called by host to start view operations
     * @method startPlugin
    startPlugin: function() {
        var sandbox = this.instance.getSandbox();

        this.toolbar = Oskari.clazz.create('Oskari.<mynamespace>.bundle.<bundle-identifier>.MyToolbar', {
            title: this.getTitle()
        }, this.instance);

        // The extension bundle instance routes request 
        // to enter / exit mode by listening to and responding to userinterface.ExtensionUpdatedEvent 
        this.requestHandler = Oskari.clazz.create('Oskari.<mynamespace>.bundle.<bundle-identifier>.request.MyRequestHandler', this);
        sandbox.addRequestHandler('<bundle-identifier>.MyRequest', this.requestHandler);

     * called by host to stop view operations
     * @method stopPlugin
    stopPlugin: function() {
        this.instance.getSandbox().removeRequestHandler('<bundle-identifier>.MyRequest', this.requestHandler);
     * called by host to change mode
     * @method showMode
    showMode: function(isShown, madeUpdateExtensionRequest) {
        var sandbox = this.instance.getSandbox(),
            mapModule = sandbox.findRegisteredModuleInstance('MainMapModule'),
            map = mapModule.getMap(),
            elCenter = this.getCenterColumn(),
            elLeft = this.getLeftColumn();;

        if (isShown) {
            /** ENTER The Mode */

            /** show our mode view */

        } else {
            /** EXIT The Mode */
            /** remove our mode view */


            if (!madeUpdateExtensionRequest) {
                // reset tile state if not triggered by tile click
                sandbox.postRequestByName('userinterface.UpdateExtensionRequest', [this.instance, 'close']);

        /** notify openlayers of map size change */
     * Get left column container
    getLeftColumn : function() {
        return jQuery('.oskariui-left');
     * Get center column container
    getCenterColumn : function() {
        return jQuery('.oskariui-center');
     * Get right column container
    getRightColumn : function() {
        return jQuery('.oskariui-right');
}, {
    // the protocol / interface of this object is view
    "protocol": ["Oskari.userinterface.View"],
    // extends DefaulView
    "extend": ["Oskari.userinterface.extension.DefaultView"]

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