Development Tools

Sequence Diagrams

Framework supports generating runtime Sequence Diagrams when debug mode is enabled (setting Oskari.setDebugMode(true);). Run this in browser console to get a Sequence Diagram of requests and events:


API documentation

The JavaScript API documentation is created from source comments/annotations using ​YUIDoc. The results can be seen in here.

Object type quick guide

  • Text = {String}

  • Boolean = {Boolean}

  • Numeric values = {Number}

  • Oskari class = {Oskari.<mynamespace>.bundle.<mybundle>.MyClass}

  • Multiple possible values = for example {Number/OpenLayers.Bounds}

  • JSON "configuration" = {Object}

  • Try not to use Array or Object if you have any chance to be more specific. For example instead of {Array} you could use {String[]}

  • Class documentation with @class <class name>

  • Method documentation with @method <method name>

  • Mark methods that are only used internally with @private and prefix method name with _.

  • Mark parameters with @param {<Type>} <paramname>

  • Mark return value with @return {<Type>}


  • Sublime Text is the Oskari team's editor of choice for JavaScript development
  • IntelliJ IDEA has been found useful IDE for Oskari Java development.
  • If you're developing on a Windows machine, we recommend using Cygwin


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