ChannelProvider customizations

Search channels can sometimes be generated based on some configuration and need to be created dynamically. One example of this in Oskari is configuring registered WFS-services as datasources for search (see WFSChannelProvider below).

Custom ChannelProvider

Creating a channel provider needs to extend and implement the getChannels() method. The method should return a set of SearchChannel objects.


import fi.nls.oskari.annotation.Oskari;

import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Set;

public class WFSChannelProvider extends ChannelProvider {

    public Set<SearchChannel> getChannels() {
        Set<SearchChannel> channels = new HashSet<>();
        // TODO: populate set with SearchChannels
        return channels;

The provider also implements a simple listener interface for observing channel changes. The search service registers as a listener to adjust usable search channels based on currently available ones as they can change at runtime. The provider class needs to be annoted with @Oskari for search service to find it in the classpath.

The search functionality should be notified of any runtime changes to channels the provider creates by calling the channelAdded() and channelRemoved() methods on the provider.


There is an admin bundle available (tampere/admin-wfs-search-channel) providing user interface for selecting a registered wfs-service and attribute(s) in that service to query against for results. The backend that is managing the WFS channels is implemented as a ChannelProvider. Check in oskari-server/service-search-wfs for the implementation. This reads the database for configurations based on registered WFS-services and creates a set of WFSSearchChannel objects to be used as datasources. These can be further customized by creating WFSChannelHandlers. WFSChannelHandler can be selected with database table oskari_wfs_search_channels column config with JSON value like this:

    "handler" : "ExampleHandlerID"


The WFSChannelHandlers can be used to modify the WFS-filter that is used when calling the service by overriding the createFilter() method.


import fi.nls.oskari.annotation.Oskari;
import fi.nls.oskari.wfs.WFSSearchChannelsConfiguration;

import java.util.List;

public class ExampleHandler extends WFSChannelHandler {
    private Logger log = LogFactory.getLogger(this.getClass());

    public String createFilter(SearchCriteria sc, WFSSearchChannelsConfiguration config) {
        // custom filter handling
        String searchStr = sc.getSearchString();
        StringBuffer filter = new StringBuffer("<Filter>");
        // TODO: create filter contents
        return filter.toString().trim();

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