Modules are components that can be registered to Oskari. Registering allows these components to for example send requests and receive events. Registering a module also calls the module init method. Usually modules start listening to events and register request handlers on start methods. stop method is called when the module is stopped but they usually aren't stopped.

Event methods

 * Event is handled forwarded to correct #eventHandlers if found or discarded if not.
 * @method onEvent
 * @param {Oskari.mapframework.event.Event} event a Oskari event object
onEvent : function(event) {
  var handler = this.eventHandlers[event.getName()];
  if(handler) return handler.apply(this, [event]);

 * @property {Object} eventHandlers
 * @static
eventHandlers : {
     * Reacts to MyEvent
     * @method MyEvent
    'MyEvent' : function(event) {
        // handle event

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