Date: 2017-09-06

Lounaistieto - offering geospatial infromation from Southwest Finland

Southwest Finland Regional Inforshare Service called Lounaistieto has used Oskari since 2015 as their map service. The map service hosts a variety of GI data from the region. The map service is a good example of basic Oskari service without any tailoring.

While Paikkatietoikkuna acts as a national geoportal in Finland, Lounaistieto map service has its own niche providing and hosting project datasets and other regional geographical information that otherwise would be lost in the information flow.

Lounaistieto is run by several organisations in the region, City of Turku being one of them. Regional Council of Southwest Finland and City of Turku represent the GI Centre of SW Finland (Lounaispaikka), which is funding the creation of Lounaistieto services, in Oskari Joint Development Forum.