Date: 27.5.2020

Helsinki Region Climate Atlas

Helsinki Region Climate Atlas called Seutuatlas is an RPC based web map for open climate change and energy efficiency related data. RPC technology was chosen because it allows customizing the user interface freely.

For every building in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, you can find data such as solar power potential, suitability for a green roof, purpose and year of construction of the building, as well as the modelled energy consumption.

You can search for buildings using several search criteria, for example schools in Helsinki, built in 1980’s, or the largest apartment houses built in 60’s and 70’s. You can sort the search results and see them on a map. You can also download the search results in Excel format.

Enter information into SeutuAtlas

As a property owner you can easily add energy information into SeutuAtlas. Just click on the desired building and fill up the form and report information about energy and electricity consumption, solar panels, heating sources and energy renovations).

In this way, we can get more up-to-date information on the energy consumption of buildings and housing companies can e.g. plan their renovation needs together. Everyone can see updated information in SeutuAtlas.

Outi Kesäniemi, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY)