Oskari server libraries and servlet implementation


The oskari-server repository contains Java backend used by Oskari javascript framework. The backend is modularized and tiered into different types of Maven modules:

  • HTTP API tier: webapps, servlets (also portlets in oskari-liferay repository)
  • Control tier: maps HTTP requests into service/database calls.
  • Service tier: component libraries usable in other contexts as well and used by control tier to form a response.

These are described more thoroughly in architecture components document.

The repository also contains standalone Jetty runner module standalone-jetty to embed the backend functionality into single runnable JAR-file. In addition a module webapp-map is provided to generate a war package with servlet handling the basic map backend functionality and its dependencies so that one can deploy the web application to an external web server.

  • Note! Both oskari-server and oskari repositories have master and develop branches, master is the stable version and develop is the next version that is under development

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