Map layers

Note! This page is not complete but serves as a starting point for accumulating documentation for different configuration options.

Oskari servers as a registry for different kinds of spatial data infrastructure services. For example actual data for map layers are not stored in Oskari but layers are registered to Oskari so that they point to for example an existing OGC compliant data source.

Most of the registry data that is stored for such services is stored in the database table oskari_maplayer.

Most of the toggles that an admin can change in oskari_maplayer are located in the attributes column. The value of the column is a JSON-object and can have the following keys:

  • forceProxy: true | false When true even layers that don't require authentication are proxied through the server. Without this the browser gets the data directly from a WMS/WMTS or similar endpoint.

The attributes column can also have configuration specific to a layer type.


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