Quick Start to Oskari development

  • Download sources from here
  • Extract the files from the downloaded archive
  • Open /applications/sample/myfirst/index.html in your browser and you should see:

My first bundle

This is the map application with only OpenLayers and the core of Oskari downloaded with a custom 'Hello World' bundle added as extension.

To add new funtionality to the application we add another bundle to it:

  • Open /applications/sample/myfirst/appsetupconfig.json file in an editor
  • Find the a bundle block for myfirstbundle and append the following mysecondbundle after it (remember to separate the blocks with a comma):
    "bundlename" : "mysecondbundle",
    "metadata" : {
        "Import-Bundle" : {
            "mysecondbundle" : {
                "bundlePath" : "../../../packages/sample/bundle/"
  • Reload index.html on your browser and click the map. You should get another message alert whenever you click the map. This is the functionality added by mysecondbundle: it listens to an Oskari Event and reacts to it by showing an alert.
  • If you open /applications/sample/mysecond/index.html in your browser you will have the same functionality without the Hello World alert on startup.

Next steps

Working with Tiles and Flyouts

Requesting Toolbar for a new button

Create your own bundle

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