Why are there no layers in a published map?

Check access rights. See Oskari permissions

Why there are broken tiles instead of my own places on the map?

Check that myplaces ajax url and namespace are properly configured. See enabling My Places (sections 3 & 7)

Why are the myplaces timestamps not updated?

Check that you have added the trigger on myplaces table. This needs to be run manually and can be found in oskari-server/content-resources/src/main/resouces/sql/PostgreSQL/trigger-myplaces.sql

How can I build Oskari with a new version tag?

Run mvn -N versions:set -DnewVersion={NEW-VERSION} on oskari-server root. It updates the version for oskari-server/pom.xml and all the maven modules defined in its modules-tag.

Transport doesn't draw all geometries in tiles?

Check that the layer's maxfeatures number is high enough in database. If the transport returns a tile, but some geometries are missing, usually its because there are more features than the maxfeatures count permits.

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